iSecure Server

The heart of the iSecure family is iSecure Server. The engine in iSecure Server operates, directs and provides services under the access control policy (ACL), a company set up
for authentication, authorization and logging (AAA) with SingleSignOn (SSO) functionality.

iSecure Server is designed for load balancing, fault tolerance, throughput, high speed
and to be able to easily adapt to future requirements. Users, log messages and other information is handled in any database, LDAP, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, ODBC, etc.

The iSecure server is placed between the firewall and the underlying Web servers (applications) where the data streams are proxied. iSecure Server supports most of the market existing authentication methods – UID / PWD, symmetric keys, OTP, SMS, soft and hard certificate, SAML and combinations thereof to create Multiple Levels of Security where users of different security clearence are permitted concurrent access.

UserExits from iSecure Server offers customers themselves through Web services, and server-based JavaScripts to define specific rules for authentification, authorisation, data inspection and logging.

By dividing up access to a system’s various parts in time, source location, identification method, group membership and selected roles for users to create iSecure Server Protection and accurate access to parts only of the trusted persons under the right conditions. The simplest scenario is a web server farm where security requirements
are different between different URLs, or with different parameters.